Private Clients

LIVING in Thailand is a dream for many people, and in order to fully benefit from the quality of life and to avoid potential disappointments it is important to have an understanding of National laws and local rules and regulations.

This is particularly the case for foreigners considering retiring, and, perhaps, investing in Thailand. Seemingly simple issues such as opening a bank account and organizing fund transfers may appear complicated and confusing, as Thai requirements often differ to those of other countries.

Property investment, in particular, has a degree of complexity as it is not possible for foreign citizens to own land as individuals in Thailand. Thus, the security of a private property investment is of paramount importance, and sound legal advice is highly beneficial

The people at Avocats have extensive knowledge of all the laws of the land and will help ensure the dream comes true. We have many years of comprehensive experience in Law, and enjoy a well founded reputation for efficiency, honesty and integrity.